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Modern Determination of Vertical Deflect Modern Determination of Vertical Deflect... - PDF Document (525 K)
Citation Hirt, Christian and Burki, Beat and Somieski, Anna and Seeber, Guenter. 2010. Modern Determination of Vertical Deflections Using Digital Zenith Cameras. Journal of Surveying Engineering. 136 (1).
Author Hirt, Christian
Author Burki, B.
Author Somieski, A.
Author Seeber, G.
Title Modern Determination of Vertical Deflections Using Digital Zenith Cameras
Date 2010
Abstract At the beginning of the 21st century, a significant technological change took place in geodetic astronomy. In Zurich and Hannover, digital zenith camera systems were developed based on digital imaging sensors (charge-coupled device) that strongly improved the degree of automation, efficiency, and accuracy of the observation of the direction of the plumb line and its vertical deflection. This paper describes the instrumental design of the new digital zenith camera systems and gives an overview of the data processing with focus on the models used for astrometric data reduction and tilt correction. Results of frequently repeated observations of vertical deflections and comparison measurements show an accuracy of vertical deflection measurements of better than 0.1 arc sec. Application examples for vertical deflection data from zenith camera observations, such as the high-precision local gravity field determination in engineering projects and gravity field validation are summarized.
Subjects Geodetic astronomy, Vertical deflection, Zenith camera, Digital zenith camera system, Astrogeodetic geoid determination
Department Department of Spatial Sciences
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Doc. Type Journal Article
PID 153379
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